Power-saving tips for TVs

Watching TV constantly does not mean that electricity bill of your family will be increased if you know how to regulate and apply some tips as following

family watching-tv

In fact, TV is not home electronic equipment consuming too much power, especially HDTV manufacturers are increasingly trying to reduce power consumption of the device. However we makes mistake when using TV every day and this creates to waste power and bad habits in a long time.

Turn off TV when not in use

This is one of the evident truth to save power most. When leaving the TV screen for a long time (over 5 minutes) you should turn off TV to avoid waste of power. However turning off TV not only that no one watches but also that should not hold the TV in standby mode from day by day. Because of holding in standby mode TV will waste power a bit. According to manufacturers the modern TV models today are not power consumption in the mode. Through a long period of using power consumption will become larger and larger.

Turn off quick starting options

Some HD TVs have the starting option, called a quick start or a similar function that makes the TV be turned on more quickly when you press the traditional power button. For example, the mode that quickly turns on wanted channels from the remote, but not through the power button and then selecting the channel. On the other hand, another aspect of this convenience is much more power consumption from 25 to 50 times higher than normal way. Cutting this option, your family’s monthly electric bill is reduced.

Adjusting the backlight of the TV screen

adjust blacklight

Most new TV models allow users to control the backlight brightness of the screen. In the electronics shop, they tend to maximize the intensity of the backlight brightness that makes images brighter and better, but this is a way to deceive customer’s sight. In fact, to get the best and most honest images on screen, we should not turn on the backlight at full capacity, should leave it in moderate level and in collaboration with other factors such as color, light, environment.

Therefore, by reducing the display backlight’s brightness, you will reduce the power consumption of the TV and experience the better picture.

Turning on the TV in power saving mode

Many TV models now are integrated energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption of the display. The only drawback of this feature is to make images less bright and deep blacker than wanted. However, sometimes this feature increases the image’s quality, especially when the room lights are turned off (dark room).

Reducing the intensity through the specifications related to image

adjust parameter of screenThe general trend of many people after buying the TV is turn it on and never think about changing the default specifications set for images from the manufacturer or electronics shop. This habit leads bad pictures; moreover, it causes power consumption because electronics stores often push to maximum the specifications such as backlight brightness, contrast or color image. Thus, with the professionals about image, they always adjust and combine the specifications to get better images.

According to the research of Imaging Science Foundation, we can save up to 30% power consumption of a TV before and after adjusting the technical specifications related to image’s quality.

Ambient Environment


We not only are control the light intensity of the display backlight, but also have to pay attention to ambient light environment. Lighting in the TV rom is not necessary too bright, it should be moderate intensity to save power and support TV for more beautiful images. Because some TV models are inability to reflect light so the image will be blurred.

Adjusting the demands and habits.

More common way that users will have to adjust their demands right from the start buying TV and during the viewing habits. TV viewing habits should be change, members of family should watch together if there are the same content or a favorite program.

The smaller TV size model is, the less power consumption. Therefore, you should choose a smaller display size to restrict power consumption. On the other hand, you can also choose the technology consumed less power than Plasma, nano LED like LED or contoured edge LED consumed less power than the back ground LED. So, you should pick carefully the size and display technology before make a decision to buy a TV.

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