Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Review

Anyone interested in woodworking or DIY projects know what Dremel is. Dremel specializes in making quality power tools that are also ultra-affordable. The first attempt of Dremel in the power tool industry is making portable and pocket-sized power tools like power drills. Later on, Dremel forayed into the upper tier market by making other high-end power tools like the scroll saw. We have to say that they have performed quite successfully ever since. Most Dremel scroll saw reviews on the Internet go absolutely crazy about this model, and you will find out why below.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Review

Until recently, Dremel came up with the revamped Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw. It is a compact and highly accurate scroll saw that is the dream of any DIY enthusiast and would artist. Not only is it highly appealing in looks, but it also delivers an extremely precise and professional contour that is to die for. It can perform extremely complicated designs in very little time mostly because of the exclusive and patented blade technology that Dremel has employed in the Moto saw. By doing little back and forth motions, the Moto saw can cut through almost any material and still deliver an extremely clean and professional finish.

When you take the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw out-of-the-box, you are greeted with a very good looking and portable scroll saw that while still lightweight has little to no vibrations at all. We were impressed how Dremel engineered this scroll saw to know what vibration and give you great ease of use while operating this device. If you need stability and precision in your work, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with this scroll saw as it delivers with a punch.

Many DIY enthusiasts and woodworking artists have until recently started vouching for this scroll saw mostly because of the precision work that it gives. We honestly think that it is an extremely good scroll saw and it can cut through complex designs like no tomorrow.

What we also like about the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw is the ease that Dremel made changing blades on this unit. Indeed, the blade changing mechanism is bar none and if you need to change blades quite often, as in working with different materials that require different blades, then this model from Dremel will make it a cinch. It is no wonder that wood artists and DIY enthusiasts love this model so much. Scroll saw reviews are buzzing with this model.

But the goodies do not stop there! Dremel also include a few spare blades along with maintenance kit for this unit. It also offers a 3-year guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do when using this scroll saw is to concentrate on your work and you will get a jaw-dropping finish.

When we first tried out the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw, we were amazed at how easy and beginner friendly the scroll saw was. If this is the first time, or even if you’re looking forward to initiate someone who has never worked with the scroll saw before, then this unit from Dremel will absolutely deliver because it is extremely beginner friendly and easy to use.

We highly recommend this model to anyone! It can perform intricate cuts and deliver a great professional finish while still not breaking the bank. Indeed, it is extremely affordable and comes jammed packed with a slew of features that you will love. In fact, most Dremel scroll saw reviews rate this scroll saw very highly, and for good reason!

What HandymanClub.com review this scroll saw

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Top 3 Best Sroll Saw Brands

Scroll saws are reputed for making intricate cuts while delivering an extremely professional finish. If you need high accuracy and precision in your work then you need a scroll saw as it can perform great contours and deliver professional edges. There are no power tools that can deliver the accuracy and efficiency of a scroll saw when it comes to making edges and contours.

In this small guide, we are going to cover 3 of the greatest scroll saw brands that exist on the market. It should give you an idea of what are the best models, or brands so that you can make a more informed decision on what type of scroll saw to buy on the Internet.

1> Dewalt

Dewalt scroll sawDeWalt does not need an introduction. They have forayed their way into both the lower tier and upper tier market segment of power tools and have stayed there for many decades. The reason behind DeWalt’s success is very simple. They made high-quality, highly durable and very efficient power tools that work. In fact, if you ask any serious woodworker about Dewalt then they will tell you upfront that you cannot go wrong with any of their power tools. Their scroll saws are no different. Indeed, Dewalt makes extremely good scroll saws that are not only accurate but also very durable and heavily constructed.

Take the Dewalt DW788 for example, which is a lightweight scroll saw that delivers bar none accuracy when cutting materials. You can make exceptionally intricate cuts and contours by using this scroll saw and the finish is exceptionally professional. Even beginners will quickly have the hand at this unit despite not having prior experience using it.

2> Dremel

dremel scroll sawKnown mostly for making portable power tools, Dremel is a company that has made a name in making high-quality and durable power tools at a price that anyone can afford. Most of their power tools rival that of their competitors in quality but not in price. Indeed, while Dremel over delivers in its features, it always keeps its budget friendly consumers in mind. To give you an estimate, the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw is a high-quality scroll saw that offers twice the feature set of competitive scroll saws at a fraction of the price. If you hear the brand Dremel, then you knew that you cannot go wrong with them!

3> Rockwell

rockwell scroll sawRockwell is another great brand known for making high-quality scroll saws. Their price may not be the cheapest, however, you always get what you pay for with Rockwell. This is a company that has a solid foundation in the DIY enthusiast and carpentry community mostly because they make very good power tools. The Rockwell RK7315, for example, is a highly coveted scroll saw that wood artists and DIY enthusiasts vouch for every day.


If you are looking for a scroll saw, then any of the 3 brands mentioned above will exceed your expectations. They make extremely good scroll saws that will last you for years. You cannot go wrong with any one of them, especially at the price that they are offered.


How to Choose Gun Nail

With the development of the technology, the human has designed a number of inventions, which can help people save more time as well as energy. In this modern life, people usually focus on earning a living, so they just have a deep passion about something that need a short time to complete and the nailing with the support of the nail gun is a great illustration. These nail guns can make almost all the differences in all over the world. But many people wonder how to buy a perfect nail gun.

To purchase the best one, you should concentrate on some factors of the nail gun such as power types, nail gun loading styles, and key features.

Power Source:

There are 2 main power source for the nail guns:

Pneumatic nail guns

This nail gun is made with an air compressor. It is very convenient and modern, but it also has both advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, we can look at the benefits of this equipment. This kind of nail gun has many advantages. For the first thing, it is very easy to maintain. We can retain it whenever we want without caring about the problems of techniques. Furthermore, it is designed for high-volume nailing.

Besides the advantages, the pneumatic nail guns also exit some shortcomings. This type is not suitable for the purpose of using in a tight space. Additionally, setup can take a while.

Cordless nail guns

This type of nail gun applied the new technology that can be self-contained and we don’t need to deal with cords or hoses. It is different from the pneumatic because it can work well in either tight or obstructed spaces. Furthermore, the cordless only require the minimal startup time.

Apart from positive points, the Cordless also has a negative point. This kind needs to be cleaned fairly frequently and it is not designed for high-volume nailing.

Nail Gun Loading Styles

The coil-style nail guns can make the long and flexible nails. You can take the coil you see in the magazine to create your own style with the coil.

You also can opt for the stick-style nail gun. This style has gained the popularity for many decades. With this style, plastic, paper, and thin wire will be added in the nails. The sticks have different lengths that arrange from 20 inches to 40 inches.

Key Features

When you decide to buy a nail gun, you need to take these key features into the account. You should consider the clearing jams. Sometimes, people usually trust in the nail gun that is designed well. However, everything has the ability to happen the jam. So, the most important thing is that the buyers should opt for the nail gun, which can be cleared easily. Also, we should have a look at the trigger size and the exhaust plates.

In the nutshell, the nail guns have produced more and more on the market, but the buyers should learn about this equipment carefully.

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Review Best multimeters for Electronic

If you are the person who has a deep passion about the electronic, the multimeter will be not a strange name because this equipment is a familiar tool with people around the worlds for many decades. It is a necessary tool for jobs related to the electronic. In other words, this is a kind of measurement which supports people to measure the electronic used properly. Today, we will give you the information of the best multimeter for electronics.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Fluke 87VThis kind of multimeter has gained the popularity in all over the world in recent years. People who have owned this equipment always feel satisfied and comfortable with the result that it brings to. This tool is very advantageous

Firstly, it is undeniable that the Fluke 87 is lasting because of its materials. It is frank to say the fluke is made from the plastic and this material is more tenacious than any other materials. Furthermore, when you have unexpected incidents, your multimeter still works.

Secondly, this multimeter enables to measure up to 10A, 20A, for up to 30 seconds.

Thirdly, it has the input Alert that provides the users the audible warning against the wrong uses of input jacks.

The last advantage of this tool is that you don’t need to control this equipment because it has the ability to auto-working for the maximum flexibility.

The most important convenience of the Fluke 87 is its ability. Many people who owned a Fluke 87 confirmed that this machine can measure exactly in any weather condition from the high heat of the summer to the cold of the winter. However, it also has the disadvantages. The most outstanding one is that it is very difficult for us to activate the beep when you want to test its action of the mechanism by touching the probes.

Fluke 117 True-RMS

fluke 117 true-RMSThe second one we want to introduce is the Fluke 117. Similar to the Fluke 87, this tool also has the auto and manual ranging, dialog digital multimeter measures.

Furthermore, it also exits the true RMS that can read the specifications of the linear or nonlinear accurately when the voltage or current has a sinusoidal or no sinusoidal waveform.

Another thing that can make this fluke become more convenient is the data logging features that consist of the minimum, average, and maximum. Besides, it has an on-graphing, hold data, clock real-time and the data which can be exported to the computer.

Moreover, there is a blacklist LCD which displays measurements at the same time on a single line. This application serves the purpose of detecting the signal anomalies.

The last point is that the Fluke 1177 is on board to help the screens that are used for the function of measurements.

Fluke 179/EDA2 6 Pieces

Fluke 179 EDA2 6 Piece Industrial Electronics Multimeter Combo KitThis multimeter is different from the other ones because it has 6 pieces industrial thermometer combo kit. Furthermore, it also has full – featured DMM that advances the electronic troubleshooting function. Apart from this function, the Fluke 179 enable to probes and hooks all packed in sleek, and it is durable carrying case.

In fact, with this equipment, you can put an end to the meter’s limitation and depend on its works. Many pieces of evidence have shown that the specification of this machine is completely right with the excellent ergonomics.

Fluke is a sturdy and well-built meters with the top quality. It is one of the best multimeters that can meet almost all human needs for a tool of measurement.

We hope that this information is useful for all of you. After reading this sharing, you can have a closer look at a new method of measurement. Hope that you can take everything into the consideration before you decide to buy which type of the multimeter.

Wish that the multimeter you opt for will be convenient and lasting for using. Although now there is a number of the best multimeter for electronics on the market that can make the buyers feel confused, people can pay more attention to the specification of each multimeter to have a smart selection or ask for the help of experts to avoid wasting money.

6 Nail Gun Types For Home Improvement

In the modern life, everything will become easier with the support of the nail gun. With this equipment, your task will be completed faster and faster. Furthermore, the nail gun is not very difficult to use and it is more precise. People have a tendency to buy the nail gun to serve the personal purpose. However, there are a number of nail guns on the market, which make the buyer feel confused. Today, we will introduce to you some types of the nail guns.

There are many different nail guns for the users to choose, depending on the style they need. They can go to the stores to have a closer look or order on the internet when they found out a nail gun that meet their basic needs.

6 Types of Nail Gun

Framing nail guns. This kind is designed to serve the heavy work due to the ability of firing 2.8mm nails. In other words, it can carry a larger burden than any other ones.

Roofing nail guns. This nail gun is used for the purpose of firing the roofing nails. The roofing nail gun is very light and you can control it easily. Furthermore, it enables to carry more nails with the coil.

Finish nail guns. This nail gun takes the advantage of the nails with the higher gauge. The most special thing about this nail gun is that it can create the position in both the carpentry and the furniture to make the nail. Almost all the nail has different shapes of the head of the nail. It depends on the size and the acceptable style. It is frankly to say that the 16 gauge nail gun is the most favorite one around the world.

Flooring nail guns. This nail gun has special feature thanks to its shape. The shape of the flooring nail guns can provide the user a chance to experience the feeling of standing the nail gun on the floor to fire nails. The flooring nail gun is divided into 2 main types, including the flooring and the wood staple guns.

Brad nail gun. It was designed to aim at woodworking. The brad nail gun is completely different because of the trim. In fact, it fits the work of trim with the using of the nails’ high gauge. We can seek the common kinds of this nail gun that range from 18 and 23 gauges.

Concrete nail gun. The concrete nail gun is very powerful because it makes the nails to the concrete directly. However, this nail gun usually uses in the industry of nailing.

Here is information about types of the nail guns. Hopefully, this sharing can provide you more knowledge about the classification of the nail gun and you can have a smart selection.