How to choose the right chef’s knife

chef knifeKnife is one of the most important tools in your kitchen. In a variety of knives, a chef’s knife is the generally used one. If you are a cooking lover in your cozy kitchen, choosing a high quality chef’s knife will be your top priority. However, it is pretty difficult for you choose a right knife. This article will help you have a comprehensive understanding about not only the chef’s knife but also how to buy a good one when you go shopping for it.

1.What is a chef’s knife:

Normally, a chef’s knife is the one originally designed according to French style. It has the long blade from 20 to 23 centimeters. With a wide blade, a sharp tip and a large handle, it is easy for you to cut, chop, mince or slice the meat and vegetables quickly. It can be used for doing any different tasks in the kitchen and cutting all kinds of food but cutting vegetables and fruits is the greatest idea.

2.Necessary aspects a good chef’s knife need to have:

a.A smooth slice:

Slice here means that the knife has to have a extremely sharp blade right from the very start while taking it out of the box for checking. To check whether it is sharp or not, you should use a sheet of paper to try on slicing. If it is a sharp knife, the cutting line will be clean and neat.

b.A solid design:

The connection between the blade and the handle has to create a strong sense. In other words, the hilt of the knife has to be solid and well joined. When holding the knife in your hand, you will feel its solidity. If not, it is very dangerous for you to perform well at cutting, chopping or mincing. The knife can hurt you anytime you can not predict.

c.A comfortable handle:

No matter which materials the knife is made from (metal, plastic or wood), the chef’s knife should fit your hand’s size to give you the sense of comfort. You should not choose the handle that is too smooth or twisted to hold because it is hard for you to carry out well at any kitchen tasks from cutting and slicing to mincing. Thus, you had better choose a suitable knife for your long-term usage but not for appealing and flashy design at first.

d.A good warranty:

While choosing the knife, you should ask the store owner for the warranty. In doing so, you can bring it back to the store to check and repair if that knife’s blade become dull and blunt or it has any signs of loose joining. In some cases, several sellers will give you a lifetime warranty.

3.Noticeable factors for choosing a chef’s knife:


Price plays a key role in choosing the pleasant chef’s knife for housewives. You should not buy a knife with too expensive price or you only buy for creating a perfect look for your kitchen because you are just wasting your money. Instead of that, it is necessary for you to buy a product fitting your budget. Thus, you will save extra money to buy other things or celebrate any family parties comfortably without financial worriness.

b.Size of handle:

The suitable size of the handle will make it more convenient for your cooking. If choosing a smaller handle than your hand, holding it makes you uncomfortable to cut any kinds of food. Otherwise, a too large handle will be hard for you to hold when using. Therefore, you should choose a good knife based on your hand’s size to ensure that you will use it without any difficulties. In this article, it is highly recommended to use a handle 20 centimeters in width for home cooks in general.


A heavy chef’s knife will be an idea choice if you need to cut or chop the hard ingredients such as bone, frozen meat and so on. However, it should not be used for cutting the soft foods since it will waste your efforts so much. Thus, you had better to try on some different chef’s knives to find the weight you need.

d.Materials of blade:

The fourth factors your need to take consideration is the materials the blade is made from. Normally, it is made from stainless steal with good quality. This material is the most popular because it helps the blade prevent against oxidization and get a longer durability. Also, the blades made from ceramics and carbon steel are sharper than the stainless steal blades but they are easy to break or to oxidize. Therefore, you should take into account when buying with cheap prices.


You should consider when going shop for a chef’s knife because you, in cases, may buy a fake product with low quality but it costs you so much money. Therefore, you ought to carefully examine the knife you pick and take time to try prior to purchasing the right one for you.

f. Sharpness and durability:

One of the significant factors to notice is the sharpness and durability. Depending on each knife’s quality, some chef’s knives need sharpening usually while some take you a longer time to do it. Although there are many appliances to support you to sharpen your knife quickly, you should choose the one that has durable sharpness to avoid wasting your time and money for such these small tasks.

4.After buying a good chef’s knife:

Using a cutting board for slicing and chopping to avoid making the blade become dull. In the worst situation, it will cut your finger simply because it is too slippery.

Putting the knife into the washing sink is extremely dangerous. Your fingers will be cut if you do not realize that there is a knife down that sink.

Let the knife fall down freely. It means that when a knife is falling for any reason, you absolutely do not catch them to avoid getting hurt. Because you will never know that you will catch the handle or the blade of that falling knife.

Accidents of using blunt knives are inevitable. Therefore, instead of trying to use it, you should sharpen it before you doing any tasks for your cooking to limit injury in the minimum level.

In brief, the things mentioned above are useful tips for you to choose the right knives, especially the chef’s knife for your cooking. Thus, before buying a new one, you should look through all these tips to get some knowledge about them so as to become wise housewives.

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